Edgy, quirky and oh-so fun. Yes, you got it – ILWF Reworked Vintage! These one-off, handpicked picked pieces and mostly reworked by ILWF’s very own design fairies,  tell a story of their own. With unique two-peices, retro military jackets, oversized Levi tops and so many more pieces ready to be loved all over again, take the chance and grab a piece of fashion history!

And what better time to get your vintage mitts on these than today! For a limited time only, we are giving away £10 store credit for your next order when you purchase anything from Reworked Vintage! (A message will be left on your account once your store credit has been added, please allow 24hrs after your purchase)


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Slogan Tee // Create your Own

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the newest thing that celebs and bloggers are all over is the slogan Tee… The Slogan tee is a weapon for celebs to make a statement without saying a word! Whether it really is your ‘Last clean T-shirt’ like Queen Delevingne or  you ain’t got time for No Photos like Mille Mac…

Shop Slogan Tee’s  //  Make your Own

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And these lovely lot got theirs from ILWF!…

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Start of the Week // TREAT!

Yep, you read it right – we’ve got a mind-boggling Start of the Week treat for you in the form of 30% or 20% off at ILWF! Whether you’ve been waiting to bag that perfect boyfriend (‘jacket’ – we’re not good) or hovering over the check-out button on that virtual basket full of floral co-ords, now is the time to get your LOVE goodies!

So, what are you waiting for?! Start shopping!




London Fashion Week started 12th Sept and finishes on 16th Sept, set over five days

…But theres so much to get through in just five days!

It is obvious that London is thriving from LFW this week and everyone who loves fashion and clothes gets involved. So we can all come together and enjoy this event, of course this means dressing to impress on the streets as well and the catwalk. YAY!

Heres a sneak peek at some of the outfits so far with familiar faces that include: Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof, Rosie Fortescue, Rita Ora, Delilah


1410714908845_wps_34_LONDON_ENGLAND_SEPTEMBER_ Delilah-exposes-a-lot-of-sheer-bra-at-the-KTZ-show-at-London-Fashion-Week-September-13th-2014P9123638 11410611663880_wps_138_13_SEPTEMBER_2014_LONDON_1410708959531_wps_53_15th_September_2014_LFW_scelebrity_ritaora_marchesawenn217136711410714863223_wps_31_LONDON_ENGLAND_SEPTEMBER_ 1410714797011_wps_27_LONDON_ENGLAND_SEPTEMBER_1410714797013_wps_28_LONDON_ENGLAND_SEPTEMBER_rosie-fortescue-london-fashion-week-september-2014


We’ve had a in flux of New Arrivals just landed at ILWF and although we don’t like to boast, you will not be disappointed. Even better, we have the lovely Sarah Ashcroft showing you all whats right with the world of ILWF.

After a Shift? We got it covered! Or grab a piece of Asia with our Asian Tile Print, which, may we add, no one has seen anything just as cool.

Basically, our New Arrivals are hot to trot and trotting out fast so get yours now!

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